Lana Ryder, LMT, AADP, HTA

Sharing the healing power of music, voice and sound since 1975 ~ Peace through Music
~ All of Life is Music ~


 "If you want to understand the universe(life), think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  (NikolaTesla)

Every cell, every thought, every word, every organ, every layer of our energy field, our very being as a whole, all have their own healthy frequency.  Every part of every flower, every plant, every food, every place has its own healthy frequency.  When anything or any being is out of tune, out of its healthy frequency, then disharmony or imbalance results. Sound Therapy uses frequencies to calm and destress. When the body is able to relax and unwind, it helps to strengthen our immune system. You know how you feel when listening to a favorite upbeat song, or a pensive, slower tune. You know how calming it is to stand by the ocean or to walk in the woods on a quiet morning with the birds singing, or perhaps a trickling brook nearby.  You see, you already know about the therapeutic value of sound. This is why so many great people throughout antiquity have reminded us that all of life is music. 

When we understand that everything has frequency, we are able to make healthier choices with regard to what we hear, what we see, what we want in relationships, what we want to surround us, and what foods we will eat. Higher frequency foods give health, life and energy.  Low frequency foods destroy health, life and energy.  

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